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The NSW State Government has finalised new regulations for Places of Public Entertainment designed to encourage the staging of live entertainment and remove red tape and duplication in applications.
The new rules will be in force across NSW from Friday the 26th of October.

City welcomes new liquor laws
30 June 2008

The City of Sydney is working with dozens of potential small bar operators keen to open Sydney's first laneway bar in Sydney ahead of tomorrow's changes to the NSW Liquor Act which reduce the price of some liquor licences.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP welcomed tomorrow's changes. "We hope this change will help deliver Sydneysiders the range of choices that they deserve and which have long been available to residents and visitors in other major capital cities."

The new Liquor Act 2007 will improve the anti-competitive nature of the hospitality industry by decreasing the cost of licenses and streamlining the application process, while at the same time increasing penalties for venue operators caught doing the wrong thing.

City of Sydney's Late Night Trading Development Control Plan, which came into effect in January, will compliment the changes to liquor licensing laws by supporting a more diverse and exciting night time economy for the CBD and City Villages.

The City of Sydney has been contacted by many individuals and businesses for information on setting up small venues, particularly in the laneways of the CBD which have been identified by City Planners as having good potential.

"Sustainable Sydney 2030 highlights the need to reactivate parts of the city centre at night and our Late Night Trading Development Control Plan looks at ways to boost and diversify the late night economy by encouraging a better mix of venues," Ms Moore said.

"This is about revitalising our city's villages, building a diverse, eclectic and unique culture, and providing opportunities for local and emerging artists, entrepreneurs and encouraging a healthy live music scene.

"City of Sydney has identified certain laneways which are appropriate for a mix of activities such as retail and hospitality. Public artworks, street amenity upgrades and small business grants are all possibilities the City is exploring to help reactivate these spaces.

"Reduced licence costs will encourage diverse, creative small bar owners to enter the market. The Place of Public Entertainment licences, which added an expensive layer of bureaucracy for live entertainment have been removed and the City of Sydney's Late Night Trading Development Control Plan encourages a vibrant and civilised bar scene", said Ms Moore.

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